About Our Company

About Amazing Spaces

We are family & friends who love furniture

The driving force behind Amazing Spaces is to provide affordable, exciting alternatives for parents who want great rooms for their children.

Amazing Spaces are bedrooms, that with just a few changes and minor rearrangements of space, will keep your kids company from their early years until well into their teens and beyond.

Our designs are sleek and modern - you will find the perfect fit for your home.

Amazing Spaces Collections are available in standard sizes and colours, or we can custom build to your requirements.

We are spoilt for choice in New Zealand, so we can share colours and our designs with you.

So let’s have some fun and build a room that you will love and one your kids will enjoy growing into.

Delight yourself with the wonderful products Amazing Spaces can deliver to you.

"The problem was the furniture we liked for our kids we couldn’t afford. And the furniture we could afford, we didn’t like. So we began designing and making furniture that we wanted and knew our friend’s would like it too."