Custom Furniture Amazing Spaces

Personalised for you

Here at Amazing Spaces we aim to help you make the best and most efficient use of your space, so that it not only looks amazing, but functions optimally.

A large portion of our furniture can be custom made to suit your unique requirements, whether it be colour, size or design. Using our 3D rendering software, we can bring your vision to life so you can see exactly how your furniture piece will look before it is manufactured. 

Feel free to get in touch today with one of our sales and design team members to discuss what options are available.


Customise your cubes by adding doors or draws in matching or contrasting colours.  Remove or add cubes, shelves or dividers to produce an endless array of configurations.

Opt for castor wheels, silver cube feet, a plinth base or rest your cube unit straight on the floor.

Choose from our wide range of standard and gourmet colours so that your cube unit fit perfectly with your décor.

Drawers and bedsides

A selected range of our drawers and bedsides can be custom made to suit your requirements. We can manufacture them to almost any dimension and have access to a wide range of handles

Ottomans and soft seating

A selected range of our ottomans and soft seating can be customised in terms of size and fabric selection. We can source fabric from a wide range of fabric houses, so please get in touch with one of our team members to arrange samples to be sent direct to you.


The majority of our desks can be custom made in terms of size and design. We have access to a range of suppliers who can manufacture using laminate, veneer or solid timber. Feel free to get in touch with one of our team members to discuss options and arrange samples.


Many of our wardrobes can be custom sized to suit your needs. The internal layout can be modified with extra shelves, drawers and clothes rails. Feel free to mix and match colours from our standard or gourmet range to produce your desired look.